gender justice league presents

Trans pride SEATTLE

Friday, June 23, 2023

@ Volunteer Park

5:30 – 9:30 PM

Two attendees at Trans Pride embracing, one person kissing the other on the cheek

Trans Pride Seattle increases the strength of the trans & gender diverse community and our allies—both within and beyond Seattle—through increased visibility, connection, love, and the celebration of our lives!

Stay tuned for more details on TPS ’23

Two attendees at Trans Pride Seattle 2022. Photo by Kenzie McMillan.



Why is there no march as part of Trans Pride this year?

Trans Pride Seattle has historically held a march as part of our event. After making the difficult decision to not hold a march for TPS ’22, we were reminded of the benefits in not having any police presence at TPS (as is required by city law to hold a march) or navigate the red-tape of securing the necessary permits (which has historically sometimes been challenging for our small organizing committee). For these reasons, we have chosen not to organize a march at TPS again this year (2023). 

Can we march anyway?

We do not encourage it. Instead, we invite attendees to enjoy a nice evening among community in the park. Gender Justice League has not requested a city permit for marching, and we are not coordinating with the Seattle Police Department, as is legally required for a march to take place.

Who can I contact for media inquiries?

Please contact Kai at

I have a question that's not answered here!

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Help us keep Trans Pride Seattle community-centered, grassroots, and radical! Every contribution, no matter the size, helps make one of the world’s largest Trans Pride events happen.