Started in 2013, Trans Pride Seattle is an annual event organized by Gender Justice League in collaboration with hundreds of local organizers, volunteers, and groups who support local the Seattle-area trans & gender diverse community. 

We aim to increase the strength of the trans & gender diverse community and our allies—both within and beyond Seattle—through increased visibility, connection, and love, and the celebration of our lives.

Trans Pride Seattle is open to everyone who believes that trans & gender diverse people deserve to live our lives free from violence, discrimination, stigmatization, poverty, hatred, rejection, medical abuse and neglect, and mental pathologization. We encourage the participation of groups, organizations, and individuals in the trans & gender diverse community, and those offering services directly to our community.

A group of trans & gender diverse youth posing at the first Trans Pride Seattle (2013) in Cal Anderson Park. Photographer unknown. 

The first Trans Pride Seattle march culminated in Cal Anderson Park (2013). Photographer unknown. 

Trans Pride Seattle seeks to show our numbers, share our ideas, and call for an end to the structural and interpersonal violence that our communities face. We aim to increase the visibility and acceptance of Seattle’s vibrant trans & gender diverse communities by recruiting allies and engaging the wider community on trans issues while celebrating our rich diversity, strength, and beauty.

Marching 2018 Trans Pride