We strive to create spaces where our Disabled and immunocompromised community members, organizers, volunteers, & partners can feel welcome, safe, and respected. To ensure TPS is a safe event that our whole community can enjoy, we ask all attendees to familiarize yourself with this important safety & accessibility information ahead of attending: 

  • COVID safety: masking & testing
  • Accessible seating 
  • ASL interpretation
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Spoons tent (our low-sensory space)

A person wearing a mask and rainbow tinsel boa and using a walking aid at Trans Pride Seattle 2022. Photo by Alex Garland. 


Trans Pride Seattle is a mask-required event (KN95/N95+ or equivalent). This means that we ask all attendees—including tablers, sponsors, volunteers, and organizers—consistently stay masked while not actively eating/drinking. 

All of us—including our Disabled and immunocompromised community members, loved ones, and organizers—deserve to participate and enjoy events. Respecting others’ bodily autonomy—including the desire not to be exposed to virus/illness—is a basic agreement we expect everyone at our event to honor. 

Three masked attendees at Trans Pride Seattle ’23 pose for a picture. Photo by Mel Ponder.

We will have masks available for those with limited access to N95/K95 masks, and our volunteers will be making the rounds to remind people of this policy. 

Please test before attending, and stay home if you test positive or are experiencing symptomsWe will have a limited supply of rapid tests available for attendees with limited access to them. We also recognize the limitations of rapid testing and encourage participants to get PCR tests beforehand if possible.


Limited seating is available in front of the stage for those who need it. If you do not need a chair provided, please leave that seat for someone else.

We invite you to bring your own chairs, blankets, pillows, and anything else you need to feel cozy and enjoy the stage show! 

ASL interpreters will be present for the stage program and performances, located in front of the provided seating, at the right side of the stage. 

Photo showing seating and ASL interpre

The Volunteer Park amphitheater and field during Trans Pride Seattle ’23, with an arrow pointing to seating and ASL interpreters in the front right side of the stage. Photo by Alex Garland. 


Volunteer Park is on a slight incline. Wheelchair-accessible entrances and exits are marked on the map on the right. 

Swipe right on the photo to find a version of the map that shows flatter vs. steeper parts of the park, as well as uneven vs. paved paths. 

Note: These maps are from TPS ’23. Please stay tuned for updated maps for TPS ’24!


The Spoons Tent is a scent-free, low-sensory space located away from the stage. Drop by to relax and recharge with snacks, water, and stim toys, or to chat with one of our volunteers experienced in providing emotional and mental health support.

We ask that visitors please stay masked, sanitize before entering and leaving the tent, try to stay 6 feet away from others, and keep conversations at a low volume. 


For questions and concerns related to accessibility at TPS, please contact 

Photo showing seating and ASL interpre

Accessibility Team Lead, Laza, at the spoons tent during Trans Pride Seattle 2022. Photo by Kai Aprill-Tomlin.