Trans Pride Seattle strives to create a vibrant space for celebration, education, connection, and resistance that centers TwoSpirit, Trans, & Gender Diverse people.

We work hard to hold true to the spirit of the Stonewall Riots by honoring and uplifting trans women and femmes of color, trans sex workers, trans people with disabilities, and other marginalized intersections of our communities.

We believe in putting our money where our mouth is, and in financial transparency as a means of accountability. 

A child in a rainbow cape with a unicorn plushie in hand rides on an adults shoulders amidst a crowd at the Trans Pride resource fair

Community members march at Trans Pride Seattle in 2015. Photo by Alex Garland. 

We are currently updating this to reflect 2023 income and expenses—stay tuned!

INCOME (2022)


We balance sponsorships with small donor dollars to remain independent and community-driven. We limit sponsorship to non-profits, unions, and small businesses who have a strong history of non-discrimination. We also accept funds from employee resource groups at large companies that are derived from employee donations. 



We aim to put over 50% of our money spent back into the hands of trans & gender diverse community members. When contracting with vendors and performers, we prioritize QTPOC people and groups. Some costs are fixed, such as rental equipment, facilities, travel, advertising, and other supplies.