Trans Pride Seattle strives to create a vibrant space for celebration, education, connection, and resistance that centers trans and gender diverse people. We work hard to hold true to the spirit of the Stonewall Riots by honoring and uplifting trans women and femmes of color, trans sex workers, trans people with disabilities, and other marginalized intersections of our communities. 

We believe in putting our money where our mouth is, and in financial transparency as a means of accountability. Here you will find information on where funding from Trans Pride Seattle comes from, and exactly where it goes. 

Note: the below data is from 2017. 



We seek to balance sponsorship funds with small-donor dollars to remain independent and community-driven. We limit sponsorship to non-profits, unions, and small businesses who have a strong history of non-discrimination. We also accept funds from employee resource groups at large companies that are derived from employee donations. 



We aim to put over 50% of our money spent back into the hands of trans and gender diverse community members. To do this, we use QTPOC (queer and trans people of color) vendors and performers. Some costs are fixed, such as rentals, travel, advertising, and supplies.




Trans Pride Seattle features local and national talent. We strive to balance bringing headliners to cross-pollinate ideas and expand the reach of performers beyond their home city while ensuring we support local artists, activists, and performers. Since 2018, we have shifted to reduce our headliner budget, and increase payments to local performers, DJs, and translators.




Whenever possible, we seek to ensure that we are hiring and paying trans and gender diverse BIPOC to perform, work, and speak at Trans Pride Seattle. Our goal is to ensure that 50% of our budget goes to trans BIPOC. 

*includes performers, staff, security, vendors for rentals, trash, sound, and lights. 

**we assume all large vendors are run by cis people. 




Each year we further analyze who we are paying in order to understand if our values match the reality of who receives funds. 

*Expenses that we had direct knowledge of the recipient’s identity. This amount excludes large company vendors.


  • TWOC: Trans women of color
  • WTW: White trans women
  • ENBY POC: Non-binary people of color
  • TMOC: Trans men of color
  • CMOC: Cis men of color
  • Cis Women: Cis women (race unknown)