UPDATE: Tabling Registration for TPS ’24 Has Closed

as of 4/23/24

We’ve received a record number of requests for tabling! If you registered by April 23, 2024, rest assured we have received your application and it is being processed. As we are a mostly volunteer-run event, we are working to finalize registrations, email invoices, assign tables, and send out instructions. Thank you for being patient with us.

For Trans-led groups only who are still interested in tabling after our registration close date: on a case-by-case basis, we may allow groups to bring their own table and chairs to place in the park. This option is by permission only as it impacts our City of Seattle & Park Permits. If you are a Trans-led group interested in bringing your own table and chairs this year, please contact  

For Non-Trans led groups: You can still table at TPS ’24 if you register as a sponsor by May 14th, 2024. 

Trans Pride Seattle’s tabling fair welcomes local community groups, organizations, artists, small businesses, and others to share their work with local TwoSpirit, Trans, & Gender Diverse (2STGD) communities!

The tabling fair also allows 2STGD community members to learn about local programs, events, services, and opportunities. 

Swipe through for photos of tablers at Trans Pride Seattle 2023. Photos by Mel Ponder.


Because tabling space is limited by City of Seattle fire code and space limitations of the park, our policy is to only accept tabling participants that meet with Gender Justice League’s mission, values, and visions.

We prioritize event sponsors and trans-led organizations, followed by LGBQ+ & BIPOC-specific organizations, Trans-owned small businesses, and services that serve 2STGD people.

We especially encourage tabling requests from groups focusing on health & wellness, mental health, and harm reduction resources used by & relevant to 2STGD people; public education campaigns; and booths directed at 2STGD youth and elders.

We do NOT accept tabling from: 

  • Major corporations (other than employee resource groups, unions, or employee-directed sponsorships)
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana, or Firearms related companies or organizations
  • Groups with a history of discrimination against 2STGD people, people of color, or people with disabilities
  • Groups that are under a strike from an organized and recognized labor group

Two people tabling at Trans Pride Seattle 2023. Photo by Mel Ponder.

The tabling fair also welcomes community and mental health partners to conduct community surveys, provide free HIV testing, book consultations and appointments for preventative health screenings, and provide other helpful services.


Full table ($400): A full table is 6′ long, comes with 2 chairs, and includes an overhead, open-air canopy. 

Half-table ($200): A half-table reserves half of a full table (3′ of a 6′ long table) shared with another tabling group. A half-table includes 1 chair, and an overhead, open-air canopy.  

Full scholarships are available for groups that are both BIPOC & Trans-led and have an annual budget of less than $100k.

Partial scholarships are available for Trans-led groups with an annual budget of less than $100k.

A professional makeup artist tabling does an attendee’s makeup at Trans Pride Seattle 2022. Photo by Alex Garland. 

FAQ: Why does a table cost $400?

We contract with an outside vendor who we rent tables, canopies, and chairs from, who also then sets everything up for us on the day-of. Believe it or not, this is significantly less expensive than purchasing our own and storing them year-round in a storage unit—plus hurting our bodies lugging them all around! 

$400 is actually a slight underestimate of the cost we end up paying to the vendor per table. 

We do not make any profit off of the tabling fair (in fact, we usually lose money). 

We do not provide scholarships for for-profit entities and businesses (even if they are Trans-owned), groups that do not provide a social service, and any groups that are not trans-led. 

Payment is due on or before June 1st, 2024. Groups who have not paid by June 1st will have their tabling registration cancelled and refunded by June 30, 2024. 


For questions about tabling, please contact