Volunteer at trans pride

Spoken Word 2018

Trans Pride Seattle’s March and Celebration is upon us! One of the largest Trans Pride gatherings in the United States, a community event like this couldn’t take place without volunteers who help in the planning and production of the march and celebration. 

Volunteers contribute greatly to our ability to keep the event economically accessible, physically accessible, and programmatically accessible. Volunteers make a huge impact on Trans Pride’s capacity to give back to the community by helping us to maintain a safe, exciting, and economically viable event!



Volunteer perks

In addition to volunteering with GJL year-round and having the chance to meet other community-minded individuals, volunteers for Trans Pride get extra perks, which include:

  • An invitation to the Volunteer Party in July
  • Custom 2022 Trans Pride Name Badge
  • A free mini-pride pack that includes a Volunteer exclusive t-shirt, stickers, and pronoun buttons as our thank you
  • Free snacks and water during the event


volunteer roles


The Operations Team helps us with operations on the day of the event. This can include helping the event management staff, ensuring that vendors are able to set-up, and ensuring a smooth flow of our event. Folks on the Operations Team are often required to do many tasks, often simultaneously. You will work directly with our Operations Co-Team Leads, Sept Gernez and Noel Rivard.


The Facilities Teams includes Set-Up, Grounds, and Breakdown.

  • Set-Up will take earlier shifts to help set up our event and get all of our sponsors and tabling organizations prepared for the event by 5:00 pm. 
  • The Grounds Team helps ensure our grounds stay neat and tidy, and that trash and recycling get exchanged. This is a great way to watch the stage show!
  • Breakdown team starts the clean-up and breakdown process promptly at 9:00 pm. This ensures that all of our volunteers and staff can make it home (or to the after-party) by 11:00 pm.
  • Set Up, Grounds, and Break Down Teams will be led by Tristan Cook, our Volunteer of the Year for 2018.

Welcome and Outreach

We’re combining our Welcome and Canvassing teams this year. Both teams work in tandem to give and collect information from Trans Pride Attendees.

  • The Welcome Team welcomes folks to the park, can give directions to booths, offer an entertainment schedule, and take donations. This year, they will likely be in a booth adjacent to our Merch booth.
  • The Canvassing Team collects donations and attendee information that is vital to our continued outreach and community communication during the year.
  • Both teams will report to the Welcome Team Lead.


Our Merchandise and Fulfillment Teams handle all of the items that we sell or that people have earned through donations prior to Pride.

  • The Merchandise Team sells the shirts, flags, totes, and other Trans Pride-related items that we are offering. 
  • Familiarity with sales and sales registers is a definite plus!
  • The Merchandise Team will report to the Merchandise Team Lead.



Our community Security Team is vital to ensure that all participants at Trans Pride Seattle can experience a safe and joyous Trans Pride. These volunteers report to our Security Co-Coordinators.

First Aid

Our community First Aid Team is vital to ensure that all participants at Trans Pride Seattle can experience a safe and joyous Trans Pride. These volunteers report to our First Aid Team Lead. To be considered for the First Aid Team, the volunteer must have one or more of the following:

  • Current First Aid and CPR certification
  • Be a Licensed Registered Nurse, EMT, or Medical Assistant
  • Be a Field Medic


The Hospitality Teams include VIP Services and Catering. VIP Services ensure our VIP Guests and entertainers are well taken care of, and that the VIP area remains pleasant and welcoming. The Catering Team helps our chef with preparing food for VIP, entertainers, and volunteers. The Catering Team also delivers food to VIP and volunteer areas. Both Teams report to our VIP Team Lead.


Our Accessibility Team helps ensure that all aspects of Trans Pride are accessible to all.

  • This includes helping in the march and priority seating, and with the scent-free and Spoons Tent areas.
  • This team also acts as a liaison between Accessibility and First Aid as needed.
  • The Accessibility Team reports to the Accessibility Team Lead, the fantastically steady and dependable Bobbi Garcia.

March Route

The March Route Team helps us with assembling, leading, and keeping the march together and safe. 

  • This can include helping the safety staff, ensuring that march vendors are able to set-up, and to ensure a smooth flow of the march.
  • Folks on the March Team are often required to do many tasks, often simultaneously.
  • You will work directly with our March Team Leader, Oliver Webb (he/him).

After Party

Can’t help during Trans Pride, but available later that evening? Our After Party Team is small, and helps us with set-up, taking donations at the door, and breakdown of the After Party. 

  • The After Party is June 25th after Taking B(l)ack Pride, around 9:00 PM.
  • Folks on the After Party Team are often required to do some lifting, carrying, and money handling tasks.
  • You will work directly with our After Party Team Leader, Sept Gernez (they/them).

Can’t make it on 6/24, But Still Want to Help?

GJL needs volunteers on the day before (Thursday, June, 23) or the day after (Saturday, June 25):

  • Help make/print signs and badges
  • Help pick up gear we will need
  • Help load and unload trucks from storage
  • Free snacks and water available both days


    Please direct all volunteering questions & inquiries to kai@genderjusticeleague.org